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Why You Should Keep Your Receipts During Travel

Baggage during travel are common on every vacation that we partake on. But do you know that you should keep your receipts on whatever important things that you have inside those “baggage”? Electronic devices, expensive clothes and towels, or even the chocolate present for your kids! This is to ensure that if ever your baggage will be lost, or some items will be missing, then you will have at least some bucks in return. And please keep your travel baggage receipt too!

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Recently, we have experienced the “missing & damaged baggage” after one of our family members flew home. He rode in a Boeing 737 in a prestigious Airline Company that I won’t tell. He had a connecting Flight from USA to Manila. When he was dropped off in Manila, both of his luggage were ripped off which was forcibly opened, and one had a big cut in front. Baggage Wheels were also damaged as well as the handle.

Later on, we tried to communicate with the company. The process was long, I emailed them just one day after the travel arrival and told them about the horrible experience. They sent a form in which we need to fill up, scan and send back to them. We provided the following details:
  • Identification
  • Passport
  • Tickets
  • Photo of the damaged Bags including the TAGS

The communication was already a mess after sending the necessary papers online. I tried emailing them for many times a month regarding the “situation”, but to my dismay, I did not receive any updates or even an email saying “Hi Buddy! How’s your day?” Frankly speaking, our hopes were already dimmed to nothingness. No more Light!

After 3 months of waiting, a magical email arrived telling us that they will only pay “half” of the missing items because we can not show them the ‘receipts’ of the lost items.


“Better than nothing, right?”

We were given two choices, whether it will be sent via Bank Accounts or just pick the compensation directly on their Office at Manila. We picked the easier way, which is to receive the money using our PHP Bank  Account.

Another form was sent, and it was easier to do because of the ‘good news’ that came upon us. It included the details regarding the Total Sum of the compensation and the Bank details that we need to provide.

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Travel Conclusion:

If you have some valuable items inside your baggage during travel, like tablets, laptops and the likes, maybe it is better them to be hand carried. And if ever you can not afford to carry them, you must think that there is a risk of it being lost or damaged inside your bags. If ever such occurrences will happen, you should have the resolve to report it to the Company as soon as possible and show them the necessary documents especially the receipts that was kept for a long time. With this, at least you have the chance of a full compensation.

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