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How to Fight Jet Lag

Frequent fliers, especially International Travelers are very familiar with the travel disorder called “Jet Lag”. Being disturbed in sleep, uneasiness, fatigue and difficulty in concentration. All of these may occur during these times.

What is Jet Lag?

First of all, we need to learn what is Jet Lag in order for us to properly cope up with this travel problem.

Jet Lag is also known as “desynchronosis” and rarely as “circadian dysrhythmia”, a condition that alters the body’s circadian rhythms – the Body Clock – Sourcea: It is the result of a very long-distance travel transmeridian. In this case, world travelers will really experience such things. Jet Lag is only a temporary sleep disorder that affects the Circadian Rhythmsare,  our body changes that follows up in the span of 24 hour cycle. It responds to light that most living organisms posses. It sounds like our body clock, but it is not! Our body clock is different from Circadian Rhythmsare, but they are related. It only drives the C. Rhythmsare. to function and ‘feel’ the 24-hour cycle.

This disorder may frequently occur to fast travel from one country to another with a big difference in time zone. Although it is temporary, there are times that it takes up to two weeks before you can recover our Jet Lag issues. It is because our body may take up to one day just to cross one time zone.


Jet Lag has a wide variety of symptoms, depending on how fast your travel was as well as the time zone difference. It may cause some Sleep Disturbances that will make you want to fall asleep at awkward times. It also affects our mental ability to think properly, because of being sleep deprived.


Experiencing Jet Lag may give you a very annoying body fatigue, headaches and irritability. Some travelers experience digestion problems.

How to Fight Jet Lag?

It is extremely hard to experience Jet Lag after your travel. it may affect your business performances or your time for a short vacation. In order to fight Jet Lag, you need to adjust depending on the time zone of your  travel destination.

Traveling East is Easier

Traveling East may give your body a bigger stress compared to traveling to west because our Body Clock needs to be advanced, which is harder. Most people have longer body clocks than 24 hour cycle which makes traveling westward easier than eastward.

Adjust Your Body Clock Beforehand

Research says that adjusting your body clocks before your flight will help you cope up with the stress caused by the Jet Lag. You can try to adjust your sleeping patterns several days from your planned trip. You may also try other medications if it is really hard for you. Dr. Lewy, of Oregon Health & Science recommended to take a small dose of Melatonin, a medicine that helps shift body clocks faster. But do not forget to ask your physicians first!

Control Your Light Exposure

Circadian Rhythmsare responds to the light and darkness which our body receives. So, controlling your light exposure may help you to fight the disorder beforehand! East travelers are advised to avoid Afternoon Light, while west travelers are advised to avoid Morning Light.


During vacation sometimes we really tend to experience Jet Lag. In order to fight this disorder, we need a thorough preparation beforehand. After you booked your travel abroad, you must take a research regarding the country that you will visit. With these research, your mind will be filled with knowledge that will help you cope up with your problem. You must know the time zone difference between your country and the country that you are going with. If you are only visiting a near country with one or two time zone gap, then I guess you need not to worry. But raveling in a very large gap may need a big preparation from sleeping patterns to light exposure.

Children and other old people may experience more than a normal human because their body clocks developing in the case of the children and deteriorating in case of the old ones. Take them with care.

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