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Why You Should Properly Plan Your Dog Travel

During vacations, sometimes we bring our pets in order for them to enjoy the beautiful views of nature in different locations. Pets or most commonly Dog Travels need a proper planning in order for them to stay healthy after your flight. But have you ever considered the effects of air travel in your pets? In this article, we will discuss things “Why we should consider a Dog Travel in flight”.

If ever traveling via air is a bit stressful on a human, what about these little puppies that you just brought sitting on the Aircraft’s Cargo Hold?

First of all in order for you to bring your pets via air, they must be completely healthy. Weeks of preparations are needed in order for them to be good for Air Travel. You can check your Airline’s official websites on what are the the right procedures about your Pet Travel Requirements.

dog travel

According to Delta Airlines, your pet must be over 10 weeks old with complete certifications. If ever your pets are pregnant, you should inform them, as well as past complications. Just like most of the Airlines in the world, Delta Airlines do not accept snub-nosed or pug-nosed dogs and cats. Because they can not tolerate high heat that mostly results on death due to their short muzzle.

Yes, there is really a possibility that your pets will die during travel, not just snub-nosed or pug-nosed dogs and cats, but all kinds of them has a possibility to leave you behind. That is why you need to properly plan your travel with your pets.


“During a four-plus year span from 2005 to 2009, U.S. airlines killed, injured or lost 224 dogs, according to the Department of Transportation”. Source:

Before you decide things whether you will bring them in your flight, just take a look at some points:

1. The Temperature

If you plan to travel during high temperature days, you might want to leave your pets behind. They will just suffer during Ramp Operations and in Flight. I had a training on Ramp Operations, and it was under the heat of Summer, and I can say that “It was like a hell of fire!”.

During Ramp Operations, they might be sitting near an idle engine that is louder than a roaring thunderstorm, not just a minute, but maybe for an hour! Remember that in an Airport, the Noise Pollution is just too damn high.

2. Health Complications

If ever your pets has some health complications, obviously you must not allow yourself to get carried away and just leave them on your home. Ask someone to take care of them, maybe a friend, a relative or a trusted neighbor.

But before your flight, you must put your pet/s in a checkup, within 10 days before your actual flight.  Make sure that your pet is ready to go by carefully discussing the situation to the vet. You may read this informative post of No Longer Wild that talks about flying with dogs.

3. Length of Travel

Some Air Travels will just last for 30 minutes to 1 hour. But there are flights too that may last for up to 14 hours! A straight 14 hours in the Cargo Hold will really affect your beloved pets. If you feel tired sitting in the Cabin, think about their situation.

“For the past decade, 19 American Airliners has already encountered 465 pet incidents, ranging from dogs, cats and birds.”Source:


There are many factors that might affect your pets during Air Travel: Temperature, Health Conditions, Breed, Noise and Handling. If ever you have the chance to just leave them on your home, ask someone to take care off, I think it is better than for them to suffer in a very tiring flight. If, on the other hand you have the choice to just drive them off on land, why not just choose it for their own safety and feelings?

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