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5 Things That You Should Always Bring During Travel

 “To be prepared is half the victory. ~ Miguel de Cervantes “

Being prepared during your travel will maximize your happiness meter most of the times. This article will remind you what you should always bring during your travel, whether it is just a town ahead or a far away continent. Now, lets pack our most valuable things that are needed during travel!

Why do We Need to Travel?

5. Toiletries, Because I Want My Own Soap

It is common that you will have your Hotel rooms, or a rest house where you will stay. I know that these rooms are packed with different kinds of Shampoos and Soaps. It’s pretty much common. But I think you should always have a toiletries kit in which you will pack your small emergency unit. Yes, keep it as small as possible.


A sachet of toothpaste, a bendable tooth brush, a small soap and some folded tissue papers will do the trick! Add a small bottle of alcohol and all is well. Sometimes, an addition of handy plastic bag will really help you out!

There are just times that you will badly need to do your things in a public loo and these things will obviously do the trick! Now, you need not to worry about the matter anymore. It is only because not all cities and places are as industrialized as you think off.

4. A Pack of Snacks and Your Favorite Chocolates

It would be hard to travel with your stomach crumbling. Sometimes this will be the reason why you feel nauseous during travel. Now, always remember to pack your things with your little snacks. A small bottle of water to quench your thirst, this will also serve your coolant if you feel hot during travel. Add up some biscuits to obviously reduce your hunger and maybe a pair of candies, chewing gums and chocolates to reduce motion sickness.

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If you are unsure of what type of candies will help during travel, you might want to try a Peppermint Candy. According to, “the peppermint oil in candy may help relieve your nausea symptoms through the effects of menthol and other compounds.”

Remember to always bring small stuffs. Don’t pack your full meal in your whole trip, unless it is really needed to bring your lunch and dinner during cruise.

3. Medicine Kit and Stuffs, Maybe Tampons Too?

Another ‘kit’ is badly needed during travel. And this one is most probably being forgotten or left off because of some reasons. “Medicines? Nahh! I won’t get sick during travel! I am IRON MAN”.

Let’s say that you won’t get sick, but what about some of the people that you will encounter during your travel? There are just circumstances that you won’t know that it will happen right before your eyes, unless you’re some kind of Psychic?

travel medicine

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This must not be too big, like bringing all of your medicines from your home, but some pain reliever will help you out most of the times. Obviously, you will feel ‘pain’ during those times especially when you are not yet used on doing your long Sunny Bay Side walk. And I guess it would be bad if you experience immediate fever upon arriving your vacation spot, not to mention a very isolated island.

Some disinfectants in small bottles will also help, add up an alcohol too even though you already have on your toiletries bag, because you will use this in a different angle in life.

A pair of band aids, some rolls of bandage, or if you are manly enough, you can just use a tampon to lessen the space, because tampons are sterile and can be used as an alternative to bandages, not to mention a very good survival product.

2. The Obviously Undying Cellphones and the Sidekicks

It is just so normal to bring cellphones nowadays. Even when you’re doing your things in the toilet, sometimes you still bring them! “Gotta have some Selfies first”. During travel, this also helps a lot, from communication to maps and taking photos. But the common problem is forgetting the charger and stuffs that will help you use this gadget to the maximum efficiency!

Power Bank, a very lovely gadget that will help you aide during power loss. I would also recommend to have a solar powered cellphone charger if you hate the previous one. Cellphones would be useless without power, right? Now, unleash the inner peace!

Bringing one or both of the sidekicks, you will now enjoy your trip without any worry!

Do not forget too to take photos of the beautiful places in which you can share to your love ones.

1. No Money? No Honey? No Problem, I Have My VISA Card!

Sometimes during travel, your ‘pocket money’ are draining without you noticing. One scenario is, there is a stall where they will sell an iPhone 6 where you can only purchase quarter the price, and you badly needed it because you forgot your phone! But the problem is, your money now will just barely bring you home. Now, this is where the VISA card will do its trick!
travel needs

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VISA Cards are ATM cards with a “VISA” logo in which you can withdraw your money anywhere in the world as long as the ATM Machine has the same logo too! This will serve your emergency pocket money where you can bring safely during travel. These cards can also be used to activate your PayPal and other online accounts. You can avail them at your nearest banks or avail at

Remember that you need to always check where you are heading if there are available VISA supported ATM’s. Find them at ATM Locator, this will show you a map where these lovely machines dwell.


There are other things that should always be brought too, but it still depends on some circumstances. But in this article, it is just to bring the ff: Toiletries Kit, Snack Bag, Medicines and stuffs, Cellphones and an emergency VISA Card. All in all, if you encounter trouble, these things will help you out. Especially the ‘card’, as long as you have big savings that could be withdrawn, all is well *laughs*.

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