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5 Reasons Why You Need a Vacation

Vacation is one of the best ways to overcome nature. It helps you socialize on every aspect of the Earth, giving your body the chance to exert its full efforts in order to check out every sides of the Continent, in our case, a World Travel Many people are wondering, “Why do we need to explore the planet?” In this article, we will talk about the benefits of vacation and traveling.

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1. To Experience Differently from Your Daily Lives

Have you been feeling bored lately? Experiencing the same thing over and over again in front of your Desk Job? Why not take a vacation to experience a different flow in your life? It would be better to do some mountain climbing in order to freshen up your life, instead of accomplishing your daily mountain of papers! Sometimes, you need a break!

On the other hand, visiting a nearby hot spring or beaches may help you in the hot summer days to relax. Experiencing some skiing during winter is a nice idea too! Just check out what fits on you. Enjoy your moment of fun! Just take it as a “small gift” for your body and soul.


2. It Gives Off Relaxation

Who doesn’t want to experience the feeling of “relaxation”? If you have been on some depressions lately, maybe it is now your time to think of your next Vacation to experience relaxation. This will expose your body to a different work, some fresh airs and of course, the sunlight! According to The more amount of sunlight means better moods; and less amount of sunlight lead to symptoms of depression.

After your vacation and returns to your daily job, you might see yourself doing better than before! You are like a battery after being fully charged!

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3. Improves Health

Walking, sweating and sunlight are mostly tied up when you travel. Do not think that they are some nuisance in your vacation but instead, think that they also contribute some good points in your body!

Sunlight has known to increase Serotonin, a “neurotransmitter” that increases performance in appetite, sleep, and memory

It is thought that serotonin can affect mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory and love desire and function.

Starting now, when you make a world travel, why not put your body on the work!?

4. To Increase Knowledge

Long before, traveling has been practiced by our ancestors in order to search for food, new cultures, friends and knowledge, they use camels, horses and other animals for the means of transportation– of course spaceships are still not yet proven to exist before! Ancient people also uses the stars as their main navigation system and birds for their communication. But nowadays, it is much easier to do those things using the modern technology! One click, and your “Owl” that delivers your messages will instantly arrive!

In order to increase knowledge, some people say to read books, magazines and novels, but for me, I think it is better to experience what you read in those books! Don’t you want to experience how Harry Potter learned magic in Hogwarts? (Now you can visit it at Osaka, Japan!)

Traveling will give you a new perspective and experience that you won’t just acquire in your book shelves! It will help you understand different cultures and things that resides in our planet.

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5. To Create Memories

“YOLO!” They said! Or “You Only Live Once”, so why not take some time to enjoy yourself and create some awesome memories?

Travel alone? Travel in groups? With your family and friends? All in all, Just enjoy everything! These memories will help you create more “bonds” that will never be forgotten by your hearts, until the ends of time.

Now, if you have been thinking if you need to travel for a very nice vacation, why not?

Feel free to tell me what benefits your “Traveling” has done in your life.

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