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4 Types of Foods That You Need to Avoid While Traveling

During travel, it is necessary for an individual to bring a pack of foods in order to sustain our strength needed for the whole trip.But in some cases, we tend to eat foods from the locality, have a great dinner in a nearby small food house and experience the best among the rest. In this article, we will discuss about the type of foods that must be avoided while traveling.

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1. Unknown Waters

When push comes to shove, we sometimes resort to tap water or anything else, but it is not right! You dont’t know what is with those waters, and this caused as one of the foods to avoid at all times! You might get some pathogens that can make people experience such as such as typhoid fever, dysentery and cholera., compounds that is highly disastrous to body like  trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids that may cause cancer. Heavy metals like Arsenic and other kinds of toxic! If you do not want to experience such things, then stay away from them.

Be aware too that most of the ice that were given came from Tap Waters. It is really hard to know if these things are safe or not. The least thing to do is to purchase these ICE in a water purifying station where they sell distilled waters.


On the other hand, Airline companies give “Free Potable Waters” that should be OK for the body, but report says that these waters are home of millions of bacteria and viruses.

A random sampling of 327 unnamed domestic and international aircraft caused a stir in 2004 when some water samples tested positive for E. coli, one strain of which is the leading cause of food poisoning in the U.S.~ Source: CNN

What to do?

Research  about your destination, but the safest is to bring your own water in which you can trust, or buy a known bottled water in a nearby supermarket.

Just be wary of those bottles that seems suspicious when you’re trying to open it. Check the lid and expiration date. One time, I was able to buy an Orange Juice in a small store in a bus station. It turned out to be suspicious upon opening, luckily it tasted like hell, it was a secondhand bottle with a handmade juice. You’ll know the taste if its genuine.

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2. Raw Foods

During travel there are just times where we will encounter great cuisines that includes “raw foods”. These raw foods are again, a possible home of bacteria and viruses that may harm your system. E. Coli, Salmonella, or Listeria can be one of the major inhabitants of the raw tomato that you are munching from your salad. These guys can contaminate your body and might lead you an unexpected hospital vacation.

Parasites may also be present on the foods you will eat raw. These parasites will not be destroyed throughout the process, but instead, will live in your system and compete with your body leading to a nutrient deficiency. Sushi is one of the foods that we eat raw, these foods may or may  not contain harmful parasites that might cause you food poisoning. One of the popular disease that might be acquired from eating these is ÔÇťanisakiasis”.

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With these things, it might really affect your Travel Life.

What to do?  Eat a properly cooked food at travel times. Leave out the raw and add to your list of “Foods to Avoid”. Carefully examine the restaurant that you are unfamiliar with according to the location and cleanliness. Being an unknown person in a foreign City, you must be careful of what you eat.

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 3. Street Foods

Raw or not, Street Foods must not be included on your meal, these types of food might be your way into malnutrition by bringing you illness like Hepatitis. One of my College friends before got a Hepatitis because of eating these kinds of foods knowing full well of the after effects. Another ‘rumor’ got into my ears when one girl got AIDS after eating a fresh pineapple from a street vendor. It happened to be that the vendor was infected by the said illness and got a cut while cleaning the fruit, this made his blood unite with the pineapple.

 You may also catch Cholera where you will experience intense diarrhea and vomiting clear fluid.  Typhoid and other Gastro Intestinal Infections.

What to do? Keep away from street foods. As easy as that! If you want to try the local delicacies, I’m sure there are restaurants nearby that would offer the same kind of foods, just a bit expensive, though. But better be safe than sorry!

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4. Spicy Foods

 There are just LOTS of cuisines that contains spicy foods. From India to China, Korea, Philippines, Thailand and many more! These countries have great foods that will burn your mouths. But take note that excessive ingestion of spicy foods might be your path to diarrhea?

Spicy foods may cause irritations on your mouth and internal linings of your digestive system, this may cause your foods to move quickly on your digestive track that will cause a loose stool. Not to mention that you might experience a hot sensation upon releasing your compounds.

What to do? Just eat a small amount of spicy foods, control yourself and in the end you will jump in happiness while your friend sits on his throne (LOL)

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